Shamshad Khan

Poet, Resilience & Success Coach

Dancing With Words

Dancing With Words

An exploration of the relationship between two art forms, Dancing with Words is the culmination of a project that has seen dancers and poets collaborating to push boundaries and take new, exciting approaches to creating work. The pairs have worked together  to create a trilogy of entirely new performances. See video below.

Presented on National Poetry Day 2019. Showcasing poets and dancers: Lydia Allison and Akeim Toussaint Buck; Lucy Burnett and Mitul Sengupta and Shamshad Khan and Sophie Hutchinson

Funded by Arts Council England and produced by Books Up North, in partnership with Kala Sangam.

Dancing With Words for National Poetry Day 2019 from Sarah Tyson on Vimeo.

Photo of Sarah Hutchinson by Rob Crompton of Stanley Films