Shamshad Khan

Poet, Resilience & Success Coach

The Chamber Of Desire

Then Now is a sound installation in collaboration with sound artist and producer Wajid Yaseen (of Modus Arts).

This involves the sonification of a selection of a long poem The Chamber of Desire by poet Shamshad Khan. The piece is an intermedium between literature and sound-art, and is posited as a ‘text-sound-art’ or ‘’text-sound-composition’ piece as defined by the Fylkingen society for experimental music and arts, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1933. The poem is presented through an array of speakers, and exhibit a variety of sonic interpretations and approaches in response to the text.

The Chamber of Desire is the title of the poetic script written by poet Shamshad Khan for the installation. The installation to be showcased at Richmix, London 2020 and Manchester (TBC)

Thanks to Ricardo Vilela for editorial feedback. With reference and appreciation to Esther Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction.