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I am offering Resilience Booster/ Check-ins over the next few weeks and some special offers on payment (see below).

Whilst as always, there are some things out of our control, there are things we can control. Remember you can tap into your natural resourcefulness even now. Simple actions you can take to secure safety and give yourself time to adjust

Please click here to read my NEW resource  “3 steps to Resilience in a pandemic crisis”

You may also find this NHS Butterfly Hug resource useful to support you and others managing trauma and stress. Click here

I can support you with: how to manage anxiety; plan your day; set boundaries whilst working at home and build your resilience.

Through my experience as a freelance artist and trainer I have come to understand the importance of resilience.  I offer coaching and small group workshops that can help you achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.

One-to-one coaching and Small group Resilience Courses available for 2020. Please get in touch to register your interest.

Our Summer Resilience Residential Retreat was set for the weekend of 10th-12th July 2020. We will be looking at alternatives. You can find out more about the residential on:

Invest in Resilience Skills to nurture your inner strength. Learn tools to boost your creativity and build up your confidence to take action.

Feedback from resilience taster workshop:

“Very helpful”                     “Refreshing”                        “Inspiring”                       “Revelation”        

Top tips for building resilience
  • Find where your inner strength lies and nurture it
  • Remain true to yourself
  • Ensure you have a balance of  work and play in your life

Coaching Testimonial

‘Shamshad has shown me practical strategies and techniques to maintain and sustain the well being. Shamshad herself is a professional, warm and encouraging coach who makes you feel that you are indeed a unique and valued individual capable of great things.  I would recommend Shamshad over and over again.’ – Hafsah Aneela Bashir, writer and co-director Outside the Frame Collective, Sept 2017

Resilience Workshop Testimonials

“It’s been really exciting. An opportunity to think about what’s limiting our resilience.” Lydia Meryll, activist and senior fellow of Knowledge and Exchange, University of Manchester, January 2019

“I’d recommend the workshop for individual artists coping with stress and trying to sustain a career.  Lots of lovely touches, getting detailed in depth advice from peers, concrete actions I can take as a result. Left feeling uplifted.” Divergency artist, June 2019

“It was wonderful… I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is close to burnout, it will give you time to take stock and transform your life.” Chanje Kunda, freelance artist, June 2019

  • Needing a boost?
  • Are the demands on you piling up?
  • Looking for a safe space to recharge?

If so, then the resilience coaching I offer can help you

Resilience training and coaching helps you:

  • manage the stresses you are under and become more effective
  • learn tools to help you balance work and play in your life
  • nurture your creativity and inner strength

Resilience and Inspired living workshopsa safe environment to develop well-being and inner strength.  Helps you to create an achievable personal action plan and an inspired approach to life’s challenges. Suitable for anyone who wants to bring balance into their lives.

Using mindfulness techniques, action plans and the latest scientific research in resilience.

Coaching and Mentoring – one-to-one sessions on creative writing, resilience and achieving an effective work life balance.

I have experience of delivering workshops and training for the voluntary and public sector and am an associate trainer with Trainsform. For further information please visit

Please complete the registration form below to register your interest. Please e.mail or text if you do not receive a reply within 3 days.

  • Resilience One Day Course  Please complete and SUBMIT the form indicating your interest.  No need for payment until dates are confirmed.
  • One-to-one Coaching please complete and SUMBIT the form. Contact me to arrange a date, no need to make a payment yet. 
If you choose the One to One Coaching, please contact me on to arrange your first session.

Please do not make a payment until further notice. Secure payment via PayPal below. All major debit and credit cards accepted.

Special Offer Resilience Booster check-in sessions. For anyone who has little or no savings – donations towards the full cost or payment at a later date will be accepted.


Get in touch for further information. I am happy to discuss and support access needs you have.

e.mail:                                                  mobile: 07786816173