Shamshad Khan

Poet, Resilience & Success Coach

The Whitworth

 “Working with Shamshad for coaching in an organisation context with key members of my team has been impactful both individually for those directly involved and operationally. Giving both myself and my team invaluable space to reflect on our own practice and also our collective effectiveness, through and what has been a challenging and significant moment of organisational change.

Shamshad’s approach is well structured, insightful and empathetic. A combination which creates the conditions for individuals to feel safe, supported and comfortable to achieve personal and professional development. I’d recommend working with Shamshad to any teams or organisations that want to improve how they collaborate, communicate and work together most effectively, particularly through moments of organisational change.”

Ed Watts, Head of Civic Engagement and Education, The Whitworth (University of Manchester), Nov 2021